Interdisciplinary Center of Clinical Research

The IZKF Würzburg is the intern research-promotion instrument of the Medical Faculty of the University of Würzburg. It aims to strenghten the clinical research.

The IZKF supports interdisciplinary oriented research projects in the scope of its scientific emphases. Further more it promotes young scientists of medicine and it counts on the improvement of the structural prerequisites concerning clinical research in Würzburg. Peer Review procedures and managing funds transparently are the requirements for an efficient intern research management and the enhancement competitiveness.

The IZKF shortly

Project promotion

  • Promotion with clinical relevance, current 40 projects, ( ca. 70% of the annual total)

Promotion of young scientists belonging to the medical faculty

Central service units

Promotion of the intern, extern and international scientific exchange

  • Travel expenses
  • Symposia
  • Guest Researchers

Flexible Funding on the ground

  • Start-up Funding from imaginative and promising projects